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Quote I'm currently working in Malaysia as service business developer for Alcatel-Lucent. As such I'm covering the whole Asian market. I chose to start my career in a MNE in order to gather work experience in Asia with international teams and to assimilate local customs and best practices. After staying in Malaysia for a few years, Oceania and South America may be my next stops. Moving forward, I will definitely run my own business as soon as any promising opportunity comes up. By then, may you have any challenging marketing project underway or any business to develop in Asia, I would be pleased to put my creativity and my experience at your service to ensure quick and significant results, as soon as my current contract comes to an end. For more information about consulting services drop me an email at the address below! Unquote
QuoteAs business manager in Asia, my role is to make people from different backgrounds work together. To get the best of each you need to define clear goals serving a global vision and to take the risk to go where nobody went before to achieve them. To do so you have to rely on your team and to show them that they can rely on you the same way. This is how I work. During my carrier I naturally took the lead of project teams to coordinate the reply to customers' tenders worth billions of euros or to control the financial side of offers from their qualification to their submission. It helped me to develop a strong sense of responsibility. Earlier, I carried out the Wi-Fi suppliers' audit for the French biggest recruitment forum and I led a consulting team to assess the travel service market on mobile phones. No doubt my ambition and the human values I believe in are essential assets of modern leaders! Unquote
Quote Solid bases are required for great achievements. I learned the virtues of hard working and determination during a 2-year intensive prep school right after getting my scientific Baccalaureate, mathematics major with honors (GCSE Advanced level in math). I completed my curriculum at INT management school in Paris, Pforzheim University of applied science in Germany and AIT school of management in Bangkok from which I graduated with a MBA in international business, service marketing major. It adds up to my M.Sc. in management, marketing and technologies major from INT and to the international management certificate from Germany. It's not that I collect diplomas but studying at these 3 different places helped me to develop a global understanding and to build up an international network of friends. It also taught me how to manage multi-cultural teams successfully.Unquote
Quote At Alcatel-Lucent, I'm involved in business development, offer preparation, resource management, financial control and risk provisioning. Previously, I pushed business worldwide from Paris, analyzing markets and customers and putting together specific market attack plans for mobile services. During my studies I promoted IT-Products for sales and promotion agencies in Paris and managed partnerships with music majors for EvryOne Radio which sent me to Germany to cover the CeBIT as journalist. Thereafter I improved my negotiation skills to set up the first Telephony Show for Auchan in Paris. Proved successful this event is now hold every year. I've always been working during summer holidays; I learned customer relationship principles while advising investments and financial services at BNP-Paribas and got the sense of responsibility at the intensive care unit of cardiology at CHUBesançon hospital.Unquote
Quote I can't stand still; I need to think, to create and to innovate. Curious about everything I always look for ways to make things work better. In 2001 I hit the headlines of L’Est Républicain with my Internet robot I framed in a traditional cheese-box to create the buzz. It made me famous enough to be approached by top scientists who let me work on the artificial intelligence of an autonomous mine diffusing robot for poor countries. They needed young blood and creative approach. In 2003 Science et Vie Junior awarded me the price of innovation for an internet monitoring utility I programmed. My digital creation 'Ghostile Piracy' based on video-game graphics has been displayed and sold in the Palais de Tokyo museum of modern art in Paris. Among others I designed, manufactured and distributed my own T-shirt brand, sold out after some guerrilla marketing. And the best is still to come... Unquote
Quote French is my mother tongue but I've been living and working with English over the last 5 years (TOEIC:945). I can easily switch to fluent German or babble some Spanish! I enjoy bargaining in Thai / Lao or making my way in Malay / Indonesian. For the rest body-language will do! I've got a tremendous experience in cross-cultural management. From Malaysia I'm covering the whole Asia-Pacific market. As a relay I connect top management from France and from USA with local resources. I'm used to switch contexts from India to Japan by China. The variety of customs and practices in Asia with developing countries and mature ones and with religions spreading from Buddhism to Islam made me well aware of the complexity of managing multicultural teams; it makes my job so interesting! Without speaking of my friends sharing political ideas and cultural insights from all over the world! Unquote
Quote Mixing up with people from different places, cultures and origins is one of the reasons keeping me abroad! You can learn a lot from others' experience. Exchanging views and debating ideas is really rewarding; only insiders can show you both sides of the coin and open your mind to local issues. And for a foreigner like me it's very important to mix with locals to understand their cultural background. Thus I enjoy going out for parties, barbecues, artistic performances and conferences. Thanks to my friends I'm always aware of the latest events, concerts and comedy shows. DJing in clubs from time to time and playing basketball have tremendously helped me to enlarge my network. I'm friendly and outgoing. People like my honesty and my respect for their ideas and traditions. I make a point to adapt my behavior to places and situations to show that I really want to integrate. When in Rome...Unquote
Quote A strong brain goes together with a fit body. I don't know any better way to release energy and to meet new people than sport. After having tried more or less anything from boxing to athletics by volleyball, circus stunts, rock-climbing and badminton I ended up mountain biking and playing basketball with neighborhood friends. For a couple of years I seriously learned and taught Aiki-Tai-Do; martial arts showed me on which extend the mind has control over the body. Asian sun being scorching hot and my daily schedule getting busier I keep fit by running on evenings or early mornings and swimming on weekends. I go to the gym regularly to build up muscle and to train for free fighting. I also enjoy trekking and snorkeling during my holidays! As in business I like to take challenges and to surpass myself; I occasionally go for raids and extreme sports to push it to the limits! Unquote
Quote Like Adam, I dream of biting the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Newspapers, books, websites, public conferences and documentaries, everything is good to help me to understand the mechanics of the world. I enjoy culture of all ages and places; plays and opera can be as entertaining as good movies! But I don't have time to waste with TV. Music is my soul! Also known as DJ French Chris, you can catch me spinning in exclusive clubs or experimenting with artists and performers! Nowadays, culture is a luxury taken over by the commercial mainstream and people tend to choose form over content. But the underground scene is livelier than ever and personnally I prefer to pay the price than to let my mind get lazy and swallow anything! Being alert and ready to question has always been a way to make things better! Unquote
Quote When I go traveling I make sure I get the most from it by experiencing life with locals. Anything new piques my curiosity and I won't leave without tasting this worm alive or that rat on a stick! The only way to understand a different culture is to open your eyes, to smile and to sit down with locals around a cup of tea. I have backpacked all over Europe and Asia. I don't fear the unknown. I can make my way through any situation. I escaped from a bus attacked by night and burned by rebels in Nepal and joined the Indian border cycling a rickshaw. I survived from roots and vegetables with camel men in the Indian desert. I lived with a Burmese family without running water or electricity. I learned how to drive a motorcycle in the Indonesian flood with water up to my knees and hiked active volcanoes... These experiences forged my personality, made me more independent and let me appreciate life better! Unquote
Quote Healthy food, sound sleep and sporting activities help me to give the best of myself. I'm always up for anything as long as I can learn something from it or get to know new people and have fun! I really believe that to be efficient at work you need some activities to take your mind off things and to let you come back with fresh ideas. I'm always busy with things during my free time and when I go for island retreats I spend most of my time trekking in the jungle, kayaking and swimming with the fishes than sunbathing on the beach! The same applies at work; I like to push for new approaches and shake people out of their routine. Have fun at work goes together with better productivity and deeper commitment. For sure it requires energy to get up with the sun and push it until late hours after a day at the office but it's the price for an exciting and healthy lifestyle! Unquote
Quote I grew up with technology. I've come a long way since I got my first Atari computer in the early 90's. The development of Internet meant new digital worlds I explored in all nooks and crannies. I dived deeper into the cyberculture with books, emags, online chats and specialists' gatherings. After having trashed out Windows I moved to Unix platforms and electronics. I won 2 awards from a newspaper and from the leading scientific magazine in France for creating a robot and coding a network monitoring software. I learned where to dig for relevant information which is gold today. My MBA thesis about mobile marketing unveils the huge potential of IT in niche targeting and direct marketing. Multimedia possibilities are boundless! Marketers who master IT while staying aware of its limitations are today's champions; and I'm here to prove it! So don't wait; add me to your network! Unquote
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